Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Open Technologies Partnership


Akvelon is playing a key role in enabling interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies through the Microsoft OpenTech Partnership. OpenTech is focused in the following domains:
• Non-Windows Technologies & Microsoft Platform
• Cloud Interoperability, Windows Azure, Big Data
• Windows Phone Interoperability

Business Need

From non-Windows technologies & the MSFT Platform to Cloud interoperability & Windows Azure,  Akvelon’s partnership with Microsoft through Microsoft OpenTech addressed several technologies in their solutions for various clients.

Non-Windows Technologies & MSFT Platform





Akvelon created Redis installer as an Open Source, BSD-licensed, advanced key-value store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, and sorted sets. Redis was designed for Linux OS, while MS OpenTech completed porting to Windows environment. The main objective is to conduct performance and stability testing for the Redis Windows server to make sure it is ready for production. The team created the tool that stimulates intensive activity of clients working with the same data values and also created an external memory analyzer that can prevent any memory leaks.





Akvelon developed Weinre as a debugger for web pages. It is similar to FireBug for FireFox and Web Inspector for WebKit-based browsers, with the exception that it is designed to work remotely and allows debugging within web pages on a mobile device. Moreover, IE support was added to the project, which permits pages to be evaluated on Windows environment tools. Various manual testing scenarios were performed to check for functionality. As a result, Weinre offers support to all browsers.







Pointer Events for WebKit

Akvelon developed the Pointer Events prototype for WebKit to demonstrate cross-browser interoperability. Developed in HTML Labs, the patch was submitted to the WebKit community. Chrome browser modifications were made to add new DOM events, generic pointer type. technologies used: C++, Chromium, GYP, Windows.






Control Flow for HTTP & IETF 85
Akvelon built the first version of HTTP Principles for Flow Control with contributions from Ericsson. Further versions with additional contributors are expected. Technologies used: C# command line client, Apache Web server,C#, C++, mod_spdy, Windows, Linux, Azure VM.






Dojo Toolkit is an Open Source modular JavaScript library designed to ease the rapid development of cross-platform, JavaScript/Ajax-based applications and websites. Akvelon developed control themes for Windows phone that were not supported in the initial implementation. A special collection of pages were developed that contained all available controls on one page and were uploaded to Azure services for manual testing.





Akvelon contributed to the prototype that demonstrates Microsoft’s proposal to the WebRTC API design. Aiming to bring real-time communications capabilities to web browsers, the prototype serves as a plugin to browsers and allows for audio calls to be made across the web. Currently, two demos have been developed based on this plugin. Languages & technologies: C++, JavaScript, Windows, Network protocols.






Delivering Internet Security and Encryption Libraries

As part of the HTTP effort, Akvelon is collaborating to reinforce internet communication security in the IETF Transport Layer Security Working Group (TLS WG). Technologies used: C# command line client, JavaScript Web server in Node.js. C#, Visual Studio, Windows, Azure VM.

HTML5’s GetUserMedia Plugin

Akvelon developed a prototype (as a plugin to the IE browser) compliant with the standards in Microsoft’s proposal. The goal of the prototype is to extend browser capabilities and demonstrate new API that allows for video and audio capture from users’ machines and brings them to the html page. Languages & technologies: C#/C++/JavaScript/COM.

Cloud Interoperability & Windows Azure




Azure Mobile Services Android SDK

The Android SDK connects Android phone or tablet to a Cloud Back-End and delivers push notifications via Google Cloud messaging. This service allows user authentication via their Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft credentials. It allows easy storage that can span across devices and users and is integrated with user authentication while providing ability to send updates to clients via push notifications. Akvelon extended the service to support Android OS.

Azure Mesa 3D Support

Mesa is an Open Source implementation of the OpenGL specification – a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics. Request to OpenTech was made to support Mesa3D implementation on Azure. The team is currently responsible for investigating the possibility of Mesa3D usage on Azure and for test tools and attempting to run on the Azure service.

Windows Azure SDK for Node.js

Node.js developers can now use Windows Azure to take advantage of Azure services and features. The SDK includes the Node runtime, IISNode, NPM for Windows, Azure emulators, authoring components, and Powershell cmdlets to configure and deploy Node.js applications on Azure.






App Gateway for iOS and Android

This enterprise browser provides access to corporate intranet resources via Proxy Agent and Microsoft Azure Cloud. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms on the client side using Java and Objective C, respectively. The project is a 3-tier application that constitutes of client-agent-cloud tiers. The user connects to Azure Cloud via Client and requests the list of agents available and accessible for that user. Client then connects to one of the available Agents and acquires access to internal corporate resources using it as a proxy. Overall, this simple service grants users quick and secure access to data, sites, and files that may otherwise be inaccessible.






Linux and cloud setup and benchmarking

Ubuntu and Fedora Linux for Web Servers. Benchmarks of SPDY and S+M protocols. Linux, dummyNet, Azure VM, Apache, mod_spdy, mod_ssl, Node.js, Perl, Bash scripts.




AD & AWS Integration




Akvelon developed an AWS/AD connector to allow enterprises utilizing Microsoft AD to apply AD Management policies and user roles to their AWS accounts access. This connecter hides the access to AWS behind AD Identity and mitigates risks steaming from single AWS user ID.


Windows Phone Interoperability





HTML5 framework adding support for Windows Phone Mango

PhoneGap beta supporting Windows Phone Mango. This new option to build applications targeting Windows Phone gives more choices to developers. In particular, web developers will be able to easily leverage their HTML5 skills to target Windows Phone.