Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft IT Application Case Study


Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) drives global IT services for Microsoft. It essentially develops and delivers new ways for customers to improve the operational efficiency of their desktop environments. The organization provides leadership in the design of integrated strategies, processes, and architecture, ensuring excellence in running a world-class utility. With services ranging from server and network operations to software deployment and end-user technical support, Microsoft IT delivers solutions that ensure predictable and trustworthy services for customers, clients, and partners.


Business Need

In modern computing, employees can have difficulty finding necessary information for them to effectively troubleshoot an IT issue. Employees need to manage massive amounts of information about their machine hardware, installed software, and intranet web services to submit service requests, acquire warranty policies, and much more. Microsoft IT wanted to improve quality of service for end users as well as reduce costs for IT infrastructure and personnel support by providing users with all relevant information and services in one place, rather than forcing them to search for it or call for support.



Akvelon successfully built the Microsoft My IT Application. The application leverages design that goes outside of Windows Store application sandbox to retrieve and deliver detailed environment information. HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript deliver liquid design in Modern style to showcase the power and flexibility of Windows. The application can use various data sources: local machine, web sites and services, databases, push notifications, and others to provide users with personalized IT dashboard.



• Improved Support. Information that is automatically included into IT request contains enough information for initial decisions and defining further steps.
•Saved Time. Both employees and IT support engineers do not have to search for pieces of information in different places – everything is collected in one place.
• Productive Employees. One-click access to all the major features of the IT department – no more need to keep everything in mind.