Case Studies

Case Study: Office Bot

Business Need

Running  a company is a large task. Even with a skilled managerial team, it can be hard to keep track of all pending and completed tasks that workers accomplish. Tracking, scheduling, and reporting tacks correctly can help a company thrive and can cut back on wasted time and resources.


To solve this problem, our team created an AI bot that ensures actions are taken by employees on all levels of organization per their responsibilities, schedule, etc.

The bot was developed on Node js with usage of Express js web framework. All data was stored in the noSQL database, specifically MongoDB because it provides high performance and high availability. Integration with Slack API was also used.

Our goal was to build a bot that:

-Was non-intrusive with one-click-setup to whole organization

-Had task and time tracking

-Had a system for FAQs, vacations, sick leave notifications, etc.


Benefits and Results

The bot was released to the public official Slack market, working as internal Bot for automating and optimizing company processes. Several teams are using this bot within Akvelon to simplify management.

Another major benefit is the gained practical experience in working with the Slack platform and experience in development and promotion of chat bots.


Technology Used

Node.js, TypeScript, Express js, Slack Bots API, MongoDB