Case Studies

Case Study: Report! for iPhone and Android

Business Need

For many non-profit Search & rescue organizations, it is important to track both wanted criminals and missing persons to ensure the safety and security of local communities. With modern technology, its possible to leverage the ubiquity of mobile devices and use them to increase these safety measures. In response to this need, Akvelon has developed Report! for socially responsible iPhone and Android users.


Report! is a client-server application with the following functionality:

  • Information provided in the form of animated cards containing: subject’s photo, a short description, and additional information.
  • User-friendly interface that includes different display options and a number of search parameters.


Benefits and Results

  • Increased community safety. Any iPhone or Android user can have access to the most recent information on wanted criminals and missing persons.
  • Convenience of user-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation