Case Studies

Case Study: Portal with Mapping Capability

Business need

One of the primary concerns for many real estate professionals is that previously there was no way to combine geospatial and informational services into one single, easy-to-use system that would increase efficiency and quality.

To address this concern, Akvelon designed and developed a solution based on the web portal with extended mapping capability (QuickMaps).


Our team created a unique software architecture to meet system requirements and create a foundation for further extensibility.

The solution provides reach functionality, including:

  • Up-to-date, detailed, fully routable maps – Maps contain full coverage of metropolitan and rural areas. They also contain detailed information of highways, interstates, business and residential roads, and feature much more.
  • Interactivity – The map viewer allows users to view multiple map services online. Their navigation is designed to browse the entire chosen map with no page refresh required. QuickMaps includes multiple features:
    • Display one or more map services in a single view
    • Perform simple operations such as measure a distance or calculate an area
    • Identify attribute information of features in map service.
  • Smart Updates Feature – QuickMaps has unique smart-update functionality. This feature loads data once, and automatically updates throughout the entire map session.


Benefits and Result

  • Improved performance with new features, including: unique “geographic engine” for accelerated interaction between servers and clients, multiple map layers (over 30 to the moment ) , and automatic map updates.
  • Reduced costs with use of integrated data storage and accurate geospatial information.
  • Increased efficiency and user experience due to convenient navigation, easy-to-use functionality, and a rich geospatial library.