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LLM-Driven Lead Generation, Security and Compliance LLM Framework, and More

Empowering AI excellence

The entire Akvelon team is committed to simplifying, enhancing, and securing the integration of artificial intelligence into business operations.

Our goal is to empower companies to seamlessly harness AI's potential while maintaining the utmost reliability of their services.

In this newsletter edition, we introduce our Security and Compliance Framework for LLM testing and unveil a fully compliant LLM-powered chatbot to streamline lead generation.

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Join the 36% of Visionary Businesses That Leverage Chatbots for Lead Generation!

To discover the real value of chatbots for lead generation, we’ve built our LLM-powered chatbot capable of providing intelligent human-like assistance. We call it Ask-a-Bot, and it carefully tailors every new user’s website experience, helping them to navigate to relevant services and use cases available on our website easily.

Here are just a few of our Ask-a-Bot’s strengths:

  • ethical and secure

  • fluent in multiple languages

  • lightning-fast responses

  • precise and relevant, even with tricky questions

  • at your service 24/7

Check out our case study to learn more and give Ask-a-Bot a try!

Curious to know how conversational chatbots can boost your bottom line? Let's brainstorm with experts from our Conversational AI Center of Excellence:

Secure Conversational AI with Our LLM Framework

Leverage Akvelon’s Security and Compliance LLM Framework to eliminate AI-related security risks and ensure compliance adherence:

We’ve created an extended guide to securing the integration of GPT-4-like models applicable to multiple industries, including but not limited to finance, healthcare, education, and customer service.

Learn more about our Security and Compliance LLM Testing Framework from our blog and access our whitepaper with best practices.

Discover our capabilities in building secure conversational AI HealthTech solutions, including intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots.

GitHub Copilot Chat: A Code Quality Game-Changer?

Most developers from Akvelon who investigated GitHub Copilot reported a 2–3 times increase in code generation ability.

Exploring Github copilot chat effectiveness

Impressively, nearly 40% of them display the accuracy of the tool's code suggestions.

To delve deeper into its potential, Akvelon conducted a field survey to discover if GitHub Copilot Chat can speed up software development.

Get the extended survey report and learn how GitHub Copilot Chat can benefit your team’s efficiency.

Accelerate Time-To-Market with Mobile Test Automation

Mobile application automation

Reduce time-to-market, optimize costs, and enhance user experience with mobile test automation. We’re introducing a practical Mobile Automation Testing Guide. Here's what you'll discover from our guide:

  • Android and iOS testing nuances

  • Automation approaches: emulators, testing farms, and cloud solutions

  • Ways to elevate product quality and operational efficiency through effective test execution and result utilization

If you need expert guidance on mobile development and testing, reach out to us at

Internships That Shape Innovators of the Future

Akvelon proudly fosters the next generation of tech leaders by offering students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on software engineering experience and develop their skills with the guidance of our seasoned engineers.

Our interns work on real industry projects and contribute to the development of applications that use cutting-edge technologies, encompassing AI models, ChatGPT, Web Servers, Web UI, Microsoft Power BI, and Google Visualization.

Here are just a couple of the exciting projects that were brought to life by our interns and their mentors:

  • Study Assistant: A ChatGPT-powered school assistant that can answer questions about any subject, help students find scholarships and internships, and provide information about their colleges and schools.

  • Google Earth Engine Climate Data Visualization: A project to retrieve geospatial data from the Google Earth Engine and turn them into powerful visuals using the tool.

  • Microsoft Power BI: An initiative to enhance the accessibility and functionality of Power BI custom visuals.

We have received positive feedback from our interns, who gave special thanks to Akvelon’s amazing mentors for their guidance and were grateful for a chance to get hands-on experience with real projects. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our interns as they continue positively impacting the world!

Akvelon Joins the Ranks of the Largest WA-Based Private Companies

Akvelon's 2023 award from Puget Business Journal

We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the largest private companies in Washington state by the Puget Sound Business Journal. We were ranked alongside several of Washington’s most esteemed companies, like BECU and McKinstry. Check out the full list here.

Our expertise spans solutions for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, so you can be sure we know how to achieve tech excellence.

Join Us at These Upcoming Events:

  • Andrew Machin visits Applied Intelligence Live! Austin in Austin, TX (September 20-21)

  • Andrew Machin visits HLTH-2023 in Las Vegas (Oct. 8-11, 2023)

  • Olly Gore visits Money20/20 in Las Vegas (Oct. 22-25, 2023)

  • Olly Gore visits The AI Summit in New York (Dec. 6-7, 2023)

Reach out to them via their LinkedIn direct messages and schedule a time to meet up at the event.

See you there!

Employee Certifications:

We're incredibly proud of our team members who keep learning, enhancing their skills, and reaching new heights in their careers!

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect: Alexander Makarov, Software Development Engineer

  • Azure Fundamentals: Alexander Sholokhov, Software Development Engineer

  • Azure AI Fundamentals: Artem Naumchak, Software Development Engineer

  • Generative AI with Large Language Models: Dmitriy Drogovoz, Machine Learning Engineer

  • Azure Fundamentals and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: Evgenii Mikhailishin, Software Development Engineer

  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer and Google Certified Professional Cloud Database Engineer: Anatolii Kiguradze, Software Development Engineer

  • HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate: Ivan Sesa, DevOps Engineer

  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer: Sergey Ogurtsov, Software Development Engineer

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