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4 New Software Products Developed During Our Ivanovo Office’s Internship Program

Every year, our Ivanovo office hosts an internship program that is always a hit with students from local universities. This year, we welcomed 42 interns in to our program to take part in our challenge: developing and launching unique software products on their own (with some guidance from Akvelon’s experts, of course).

Students came from several universities

All of Akvelon’s office make an effort to develop strong relationships with local universities and institutes, and our Ivanovo office certainly is no exception. Thanks to these efforts, we were able to welcome students to our internships from several universities including Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo Industrial and Economic School, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ivanovo Power Engineering Institute, School № 67, and School №5 urban district Kohma.

Software products that our interns developed

The interns were split into 4 groups and were challenged with developing and launching unique software products. For some of the interns, this was particularly exciting and challenging as it was their first time putting their technical knowledge to work and  developing an actual software product. Here are the products that were successfully developed and launched:

  1. EcoMap: an ecology application that uses machine learning to enhance recycling initiatives. The machine  learning is trained to determine what is recyclable and what is garbage through recycling code recognition. By scanning the recycling code on recyclable items with this app, the app provides the user with notes on the process to recycle the item and gives them the location of the nearest establishment that collects this type of recycle or waste.
  2. ARTrainer: This application encourages users to exercise and get moving, and has already been brought into production! The simulator prompts users to repeat a required simple posture while looking at the screen. The program determines how quickly the user completed the exercise, and then presents the next one. The faster the user completes the task, the more points they get in the end. Users can see how many points other users received and challenge their colleagues for more competitive fun
  3. SkillMatrix: This tool allows companies to store and view data about the skills of their employees in a convenient way, simplifying the process of searching for employees that have the necessary skills for a project. This tool also allows employees to track their progress in skill development and compare with their colleagues as well.
  4. AkvelonPlatform: This tool is used as a base for all other Akvelon internal services and simplifies basic workflow in regards to sick leave, vacations, and mentoring, making it a particularly helpful tool for our HR team.


Our interns enjoyed the experience as well, and a few had some notes to share about their experience during the internship:

“I managed to learn new technologies and I also met a lot of interesting people”

“It was a great opportunity to work in a team, and I got great experience in software development”

“I gained experience in developing real projects, learned new programming languages, and met new, interesting people”

Results of the internship

We mark this internship as a great success – we enjoyed meeting and working with 42 budding software developers, we developed 4 new software products, and at the conclusion of the internship we decided to welcome 27 of the interns to join our team! After demonstrating their drive and commitment to developing software so well, we look forward to working with them in the future to create more technology, and we are excited to see what next year’s interns bring to the table!