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University Students Get Firsthand Experience at Akvelon’s Ivanovo Office

While many students benefit from learning about programming and software development in classrooms, few have the opportunity to experience it firsthand before they graduate and enter the workforce themselves. That is why throughout March, our Ivanovo office has welcomed students from Ivanovo State Power Engineering University and Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology to our office  to show them the ropes while also teaching them about our company and our summer internship opportunities. Leading their tour was Nadezhda Masaleva, the HR Director of our Ivanovo office. During their tour the students spoke with Ilya Polishchuk, our Software Development Team Lead, to learn what it’s really like to work in software development, and they also got an exclusive look at some of the latest technology we have been developing.



The Full Akvelon Experience

The students learned about the history of Akvelon and got a firsthand look at what a day in the life of Akvelon programmers and developers  looks like. Students were also shown several Akvelon inventions, including PassFace, a facial recognition security system, our 3D prism system, and more.



Student Feedback

So far, our Ivanovo office has hosted two groups of students from Ivanovo State Power Engineering University,  and this week there are three more tours planned for students from the Department of Chemistry and Technology from Ivanovo State University. The office visits have proven to be very successful in educating students about what a career in technology looks like, and what Akvelon is all about.


Several students had great things to say in regards to their time spent at Akvelon. One student described the experience as “well organized” and “clear”, saying their trip to Akvelon was an extremely positive experience and that they appreciated such a transparent view of a programmer and software developer’s life at our company. Another student commented that “everything went great” during their office visit, noting that this opportunity actually helped them learn more about themselves while learning about Akvelon and the life of an Akvelon programmer. One student even applauded the presenter’s enthusiasm towards their work, saying that this made them want to work for Akvelon “even more” than before.











Akvelon Gets Involved

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work so closely with local university students at our offices around the world. Students are the future of technology, and we are proud to play a role in their education. We hope to continue inspiring them to pursue their future fields in technology. Thank you to our Ivanovo office for taking this opportunity to enhance young lives and help foster the next generation of technology innovators!

Students participating in presentation














Students listening to Akvelon tour guide












Students participating in presentation















Students enjoying themselves while touring the office




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