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Akvelon Ranks Top 1% in First Round of Google Programming Competition, Qualifies for Final Round

Team Axis Violation Google Akvelon

Hash Code is a team programming competition organized by Google. Participants include students and industrial professionals from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Participants team up, pick their programming language, and solve a challenge created by Google engineers. This year, over 4,800 teams competed in the Online Qualification Round.

Online Qualification Round

On March 1st, 4,852 teams from Europe, the Middle East and Africa competed in the Online Qualification Round. Among these teams was  Axis Violation which was comprised of Kirill Nikonov, Konstantin Pospelov, Kostya Nikitin, and Sergey Vakhurin, all valued employees of Akvelon’s Ivanovo office.  

Akvelon Hash Code team software developers

Axis Violation team members are Akvelon employees Kirill Nikonov, Konstantin Pospelov, Kostya Nikitin, and Sergey Vakhurin

For this first round of Google Hash Code, Google engineers challenged all participants to assign a fleet of self-driving vehicles to routes that efficiently transport commuters to their destinations in a simulated city. Teams must minimize travel costs and time, while keeping a focus on passenger and traffic safety.

“A Google Hash Code problem does not have an effective solution, so there are usually many ways to tackle it” says Konstantin. With this in mind, team Axis Violation started their process by working separately, each member using their own preferred programming language: C++, Java, and JavaScript. This way, they were able to gather four different solutions to the problem. The team then compared the four solutions, taking into account different ideas that each solution had derived as well as the scores that each solution earned. They chose the best solution and focused on it for the remainder of the competition. Through an effective blend of independent work and teamwork, the team came up with a final solution that put them in the top 1% of the first round of the competition.

Self Driving Cars traffic Akvelon

Google Engineers challenged the teams to assign self-driving vehicles to a set of routes in a simulated city


When the dust cleared and the final results were announced,  team Axis Violation stood at  35th place out of 4,852 teams, placing them within the top 1% of the entire round. This rank qualifies them to compete in the Final Round of the competition.

Results Hash Code Akvelon Team

Only the top scoring teams were invited to the Final Round of the competition, which will take place on Saturday, April  28th onsite at the Google Dublin office. Teams will be given a new challenge from Google engineers and the winning teams will be awarded Google prizes.  

Akvelon would like to give a huge congratulations to team Axis Violation for their achievements in the Online Qualification Round. We look forward to seeing you in action again at the Final Round next month.


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