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Akvelon Wins Geekwire’s 2015 Ping Pong Tournament

Seattle, WA, March 27 2015 – Seattle has a reputation for being geeky. Last month that reputation proved true, as hordes of developers, software engineers, and all manner of computer crazed geeks descended upon the Showbox in downtown Seattle for Geekwire’s annual Ping Pong and Anniversary Bash 2015. Akvelon was represented well along with many other local tech companies as techies came together to share their geek/tech skills and comradery.

Akvelon fielded a stellar team to compete this year in the fiercely competitive ping pong tournament offered by Geekwire. As the former 2012 Ping Pong Champion, Akvelon representatives were anxious to regain their title as champion among their fellow geeks. After a (slightly) intense night of ping pong competition and great opportunities to mix and mingle, Akvelon player representative Valeri Kim took home the gold…or at least the title of Geekwire’s Ping Pong Bash 2015 Champion. Among other ping pong competitors representing Akvelon at the tournament were Microsoft account manager Toby Rawlinson and CEO Sergei Dreizin.

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