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Playing Golf in the Hallway at GeekWire Sports Tech Summit

It’s been a week since the GeekWire Sports Tech Summit and we here at Akvelon are still thinking about it. What a great event! The panel speakers were incredible with lots of takeaway knowledge and wisdom which made us excited to be in Seattle and involved in sports technology innovations. Sue Bird’s panel and Dr. Uma Jayaram’s talk struck us the most. Between Bird’s push for smart use of data in the world of sports and Dr. Jayaram’s enthusiasm for innovation in meaningful virtual experiences, the entire day was inspiring.

Rush and Jeremiah at the GeekWire Sports Tech Summit

In between the panels and speakers, we were excited to showcase our own involvement in sports tech and virtual experiences with a demo of our augmented reality MiniGolf game developed for the Microsoft HoloLens.

The MiniGolf game allows for users to play a small round of golf on a virtual course overlaid on the real world. Our HoloLens application makes it possible to play golf anywhere. Even in your living room, kitchen or, in our case, the CenturyLink Event Center.

We built a virtual mini golf course in the hallway of the event center with the HoloLens and several attendees of GeekWire’s Sports Tech Summit participated in our demo. It turned into a heated competition at some points with many players asking about their scores curious to know if they were still placing well and in the running to win a prize.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who decided to give our new technology a try. Take a look at some of the participants in our demo having fun on the augmented reality green!

Daniel swinging with textbook form

Elizabeth positioning for a top ranking score

Jack watching his shot inch closer to the hole

Belle having fun lining up her shot

Natalie taking to the virtual green like a pro

A great smile after a great score. Patrick ended up winning first place. Congrats!

We appreciate everyone who came by to try out our new technology and a huge thanks to GeekWire for organizing an incredible event! See you at the next one.