Case Studies

Case Study: AI Fitness App

Business Need

While many people wish they were in better shape, few have the time or resources to go to the gym every day, let alone work with their own personal trainer. Akvelon’s developers saw this need and decided to develop an app that provides users with a convenient and inexpensive alternative to personal training.


Akvelon’s team developed a fitness app that uses AI to sync with any online workout video and track how well the user mimics the online coach’s movement and form. The app detects key points on the user’s body and compares them with corresponding key points on the coach’s body to ensure that the user is following the workout correctly while performing an analysis of the exercise. The app follows the user as they go through their workout and analyzes compliance and assesses the quality of the workout based on statistics from other trainers. Akvelon’s developers also added the ability to share statistics online to with the user’s social media accounts. By choosing to share online, users can compare their results to other app users, all while receiving support from their friends and followers and encouraging them to get active too.

Benefits and Results

This personal fitness app is an alternative to a regular gym routine or an in-person trainer providing an easy-to-use and less expensive option compared to hiring a personal trainer or purchasing a gym membership. The application also allows users to see their results in real time, providing users with a great way to measure their performance and allowing them quickly see which movements need to be corrected for a better workout. 

Technology Used

Artificial Intelligence, Python, Flask, Tensor Flow, OpenCV, .NET Core