Case Studies

Case Study: Big Data Platform

Business Need

Our client, a well-known knowledge technology platform, needed to create a way to successfully and quickly deliver client-oriented applications based on a new version of their platform. Our client also wanted to document all processes required to onboard the platform and wanted to start developing applications. There was also a need for maintenance of their new platform modules including the need for new assistants, data connectors, integrations of 3rd party libraries, and bug fixing.



Akvelon successfully designed an entire application delivery process for the client’s platform. Our team also successfully implemented 9 client-oriented applications for such clients as Chevron, Shell, MAERSK, and AIRBUS using Scala technology stack for back-end (Scala, Akka, ScalaTest) and front-end (Diode, Scala.js, ScalaJS-React, ScalaCSS, ScalaTags). We also updated existing CI process by integration of Ansible and Python scripts for TeamCity tool and developed platform assistants using Scala stack. Finally, we maintained the platform by fixing bugs and integrating 3rd party JavaScript libraries as we well as AWS, Azure, SharePoint, Power BI, and Tableau data connectors.

Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully delivered all documentation and projects on time for our client and provided additional support by answering detailed technical questions.

Our client received:
•9 client applications delivered on time
•Technical documentation covering all processes of successful application delivery built on top of the client’s platform
•Complete connectors for the most popular data sources such as AWS, Azure, SharePoint
•Custom visual for Power BI visualization tool
•Web data connector for Tableau data visualization tool


Technology Used

Scala, Python, Akka, HDFS, Consul, Ansible, ScalaJS-React, Diode, Scala.js, ScalaCSS, ScalaTags, ScalaTest, PowerBI, Tableau