Case Studies

Case Study: Cloud Computing Platform for Tech Company


Our client is one of the biggest computer software and consumer electronics company in the world.


Business Need

  • Configuring of Network Watcher service deployment in the areas of the Cloud Computing Platform.
  • Automated workflow development for deploying Cloud Computing Platform services.
  • The improvement of services’ delivery stability and implementation of the automated system for new packages of Cloud Computing Platform services delivery.
  • Configuring and migration the services for secure work with cloud-hosted management encryption service and key storage.


  • The process of deploying the Network Watcher service was systematized and described step-by-step.
  •  Systematized and described step-by-step monitoring service deployment process. Special code has been written for each deployment step, which automatically create required network resources, install certificates, create service accounts, set up correct settings and make a deployment etc.
  • Support and improvement of the deployment automation infrastructure were provided by Creating and configuring more than 50 automated flows responsible for building, testing and deployment services.
  • Development of services to work with cloud-hosted management encryption service and key storage, using mechanisms and tools for migration.
  • Improvement and configuration of services for deployment of services on test, production and national clouds
  • Testing and fixing bugs, creating automated tools to check the application settings taking into account the cloud build system that allows you to collect only the affected parts of the solution

Benefits and Results

  • As a result of automation, we were able to speed up the process of deploying a new Network Watcher cluster for the Cloud Computing Platform region from a few weeks to 1 day.
  • The ability to easily manage the Assembly and installation of any configured service allowed to unify various options for delivery of services in a single stream. As a result we reduced the number of errors in the management, delivery of the specific application.
  • Combining the different information streams in one place has reduced the research time of error and has reduced the time needed for unfolding of the entire regions.
  • Using a cloud-based build system and running only those tests that include code changes has reduced build time from 1-2 hours to 5 minutes.


Technology Used

Powershell, Msbuild, GIT, SD, C#, Jarvis, C++, MS Azure