Case Studies

Case Study: Extension Support Service


Our client is a business and technology consulting firm.


Business Need

  • Implement UI to Angular in accordance with the layout of the application.
  • Set up Firebase Cloud Messaging to update application data in real time.
  • Individualized request for access to browser Push notifications.
  • Getting feedback about user interaction with the component through Google Analytics.
  • Integrate LivePerson SDK to get data about current conversation with tech support.



  • The library NGXS for managing the state was used to to store and update data on the front.
  • Used browser-based PushAPI for push notification permissions and integration with Firebase cloud technologies.
  • Development a component, the main feature of which should be its speed, lightness and ease of completion.


Benefits and Results

  • The client has received a working plugin for LivePerson system, which can be used as an example when creating new extensions.
  • The application interacts with several third-party services that are important to the customer.
  • The application is written using the latest open source JS libraries


Technology Used

Stack of technologies: Angular, LivePerson SDK, PushAPI, Firebase Cloud Messaging