Case Studies

Case Study: Retail Point of Sales System


Our client is one of the biggest computer software and consumer electronics company in the world.

Business Need

  • Retail system’s complex software solution improvements implementation for Retail Enterprise, aimed at maintaining of functionality extensibility points.
  • Update and unification of packages, which are used in the system for correct operation on mobile apps
  • Bug-fixes and improvements of current bugs in the system.


In addition to bug-fixing, implementation of improvements and different tests writing, we can highlight the following solutions:

  • Developing a Task Recorder for POS from zero point.
  • Developing an app “Peripheral Simulator” from zero point to the almost fully completion. It is a simulator of devices connected to the cash register. Later, on the basis of this application was implemented POS Simulator – application for testing real, not virtual devices.
  • Developers made a big contribution into Point of Sale Extensibility implementation – framework for custom extensions embedding. We have developed an API and big number of samples.
  • Akvelon is currently working on ensuring application performance on mobile devices.


Benefits and Result

  • Numerous fixes of bugs and minor features
  • Task recorder in Retail Modern POS or Cloud POS provides a flexible API for extensibility and seamless integration with consumers of business process recordings.
  • Peripheral Simulator is provided primarily to support testing of scenarios that usually require physical POS peripheral devices
  • POS Simulator is used to test the compatibility of physical peripheral devices with Retail without having to deploy the POS client.



Technology Used

C#, TypeScript, X++, SQL,  knockout.js, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS