Case Studies

Case Study: Sports Management Platform

Business need

Multiple athletic communities have been looking for a convenient online management tool that connects leagues, teams, coaches, players, parents, and fans together in one place. Akvelon designed a solution based on scalable and multi-functional Sports Leagues Management (SLM) software.


Our solution was designed to create, maintain, and manage an online community of players, fans, and enthusiasts alike.

The SLM platform consists of two major components:

  • Site Management and Content Publishing System – This suite allows league administrators to work with interactive content, including specific features to:
    • Set up any type of sports league; schedule any number of teams players, officials and venues
    • Create teams, assign players and coaches in real-time
    • Publish results, scores, and rankings online in flexible formats
  • Result Entry and Ranking Calculation System – These components designed to:
    • Post results and scores, while validating results through “workflow logic”
    • Generate comprehensive statistics and track game details
    • Scan through several different tournament formats, allowing any number of teams
    • Calculate rankings based on a highly configurable and versatile formula

Our solution was implemented by several clients, including Interactive Sports Media.


Benefits and Results

  • Improved accessibility to league information through a single portal
  • Increased performance in sophisticated scheduling, advanced league management, statistic tools, and tournament tracking features
  • Extended functionality, including roster management, rank builder, and communication tools