Case Studies

Case Study: Medical Platform for Healthcare Provider


Our client is a major telehealth provider that connects and enabling providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. Over 150 million individuals have access to their services. Our client’s service makes it possible for patients to receive care virtually without the need to visit a hospital. Patients can choose a web-based or mobile application to apply for a virtual visit. Using patented technology, virtual clinic doctors can treat patients 24/7 remotely.  

Business Need

Our client automates their process from beginning to end: patient registration, medical services, insurance verification and visit billing. They chose to work with Akvelon to help support their existing products, implement new features, onboard new clients, and test and release their products.


  • Helped to migrate all of their consumers to their new platform 
  • Ramped up client portals and mobile apps for each consumer. 
  • Implemented critical business areas such as insurances, billing reports, on call calendar and other healthcare specific flows.
  • Improved experience and efficiency of UX for patient-facing applications as well as client admins

Benefits and Results

As a result of Akvelon’s efforts, our client saw the quality and convenience of their services. The implementation of billing reports, insurances, and call calendar inside the client’s service allowed seamless work with all the consumers’ needs within one application. All of consumers were successfully migrated to the updated service from their previous platform, and every client can use the whole functionality of the new system.  Akvelon also successfully implemented a QA process from scratch including CI, manual QA process and test automation process.


Technology Used

JS, AngularJS, Angular, MongoDB, Java, WebSockets, WebRTC, Ionic, AWS