Case Studies

Case Study: The Meeting Summarizer

Business need

A team of our developers participated in Microsoft’s Innovate AI competition, a global competition where participants are tasked with creating innovative projects to make artificial intelligence more accessible to the public. We wanted to create a product that would not only impress Microsoft, but also prove to be genuinely useful in offices everywhere, including our own. Knowing how important meetings are to any office, our team wanted to find a way to make note-taking easier for everyone. Note-taking is a great way to remember important details from meetings but employees can get so focused on what they are writing that they miss important conversations and key details. They can also run the risk of writing down the wrong information or misquoting a presenter.

Recognizing this problem, our developers decided to create a service that would enhance the work place by making note-taking easier and more efficient than ever before.


From there, our team went on to create the “Meeting Summarizer”, a note-taking service that uses AI to transcribe conversations and important topics discussed in meetings and conferences. The Meeting Summarizer takes all of the information from meetings and conferences and compiles it into a short, concise summary that can be sent out to all meeting participants. All the user has to do is dial the Meeting Summarizer’s phone number or add the Meeting Summarizer to a Skype/Slack call and the service is ready to go. The Meeting Summarizer can send both emails and messenger chats to meeting participants, making the information accessible to everyone who needs it.


Benefits and Results

The main benefit of the Meeting Summarizer is that the service allows meeting participants to focus on the actual conversation rather than worry about taking notes during meetings. The Meeting Summarizer is available on demand, day and night, 24/7 with no need for human assistance.

The Meeting Summarizer is also a less expensive alternative to hiring a secretary/note-taker. The average yearly salary for a secretary in the United States is roughly $33,000 (Glassdoor) before over-time, bonuses, pay raise requests, and other factors. Since secretaries spend approximately 1/4 of the year taking meeting notes, it can cost a company up to $8,250 a year just to have a note-taker during meeting. The Meeting Summarizer, on the other hand, is only $3,000 a year and does not require any additional cost or maintenance.

Another benefit of the Meeting Summarizer is that it is immune to the risk of human error. Even the most professional note-taker can miss a few sentences or mix up a few words and those mistakes, no matter how small, could cost a company time and money. The Meeting Summarizer will take detailed, accurate notes that are free of errors and mistakes. summarization engine based on the ensemble of models and neural networks

  • Libraries:
    • NumPy
    • pyAudio Analysis
    • Pydub
    • Speech Recognition
    • NLTK
    • Sumy
    • Gensim
  • Services:
    • Microsoft Bing Voice Recognition
    • Google Speech Recognition
    • Microsoft Bot Framework



The team consisted of Andrey Chekh who was the project manager and thought up the Meeting Summarizer as well as Danylo Kosmin and Kostiantyn Isaienkov who utilized AI and NLP to work on the summarization for this project.