Case Studies

Case Study: Amazon Load Testing Tool (Cloud Computing)

Business Need

Exploring the advantages of cloud computing, end-users are seeking a solution that provides load testing tool facilities through the cloud. Recent studies have revealed that there is a need for a solution that can perform standard load testing tasks with a user-friendly interface.

We have created a solution using the cloud computing approach to load testing with Akvelon’s new Amazon Load Testing Tool (LTT).


Our cloud computing solution is designed to provide testing facilities through Akvelon’s Amazon LTT.

The solution uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service functionality to perform load tests efficiently. Our solution utilizes the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) instances for load application allocation. The system is designed to generate concurrent load, collect responses, produce statistical reports, and send e-mail notifications.

We have created the most convenient load testing solution to explore Amazon Cloud. Our solution consists of several components:

End-user site – Provides end-users with a user-friendly interface for managing test campaigns and test execution. It allows users to display and browse their test execution results.
Load manager – Distributes load among AMI instances, calculates necessary instances for test, prompts the Amazon EC2 instances using Amazon EC2 API, and configures each load application.
HTTP Load Service – Performs load test simulating behavior of virtual users (generating HTTP requests) and collects HTTP statistical responses for each requested URL.
DB Web Service – Performs DB communication for all parts of Amazon LTT system.

Our solution provides unique system functionality, this includes:

• Test campaign management, with the ability to:
– Create new test campaigns
– Change existing campaign settings
– Remove campaigns
• Test execution management, with the ability to:
– Launch test for existing campaigns
– Stop current test execution
• Interface to display test execution results and detailed URL statistics
• Account management (accessible by administrator) with the ability to:
– Allow/restrict user to create campaigns
– Allow/restrict user to start a campaign
– Set minimum polling intervals
– Set maximum allowed number of virtual users
– Set maximum allowed test duration
• Interface to view system error log (accessible by administrator).


Benefits & Results

•Reduced hardware costs by generating loads through the Internet

•Improved testing performance and fewer service interruptions between system components and existing class libraries

•Improved tester productivity with user-friendly interface.


Technologies Used

Software: Microsoft Visual Studio
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Amazon EC2 class library, WCF



Akvelon applied its best practices for the solution design and implementation including:
1. In-depth analysis of the business need and existing technologies, including Amazon EC capabilities and load tools.
2. Road-map arrangement: goals, system architecture, milestones, specifications, and estimations.
3. Software design and development: parallel implementation of system components (DB Web Service, Load Manager, HTTP Load Service) and web-interface (end-user site).
4. Set-up and registration of private Amazon EC AMI instance.
5. System deployment: testing, local demonstration, and solution feedback. Improvements were made based on user suggestions.
6. Precision of necessary documentation.