Case Studies

Case Study: DataFarm SQL Clustering

Business Need

Companies are in need of scalable and reliable database solutions. To fill this need, Akvelon has created a cost-effective product that will balance the server load and support essential clustering features such as: load-balancing, fail-over, read/write affinity, and status monitoring.


Akvelon DataFarm provides the following:

•Load-balancing SQL queries to a database server with more efficient workload distribution (if one server cannot handle a request immediately, another server will take over).
•Fail-over capability for automatic server substitution upon failure or abnormal termination of the previously active server.
•Repairs open connections between the user’s transactions and a specific server when necessary.
•”Read and Write” balancing to set the rules for “Read”, “Write”, “Read-and-Write”, “Read-then-Write” options.
•Partitioning capability for efficient capacity utilization by sharing data between the cluster nodes. Users can send requests to a pre-defined ‘partition’ server which contains requested partitions where the necessary data is stored.
•Convenient administrative user interface to configure and monitor every node through Microsoft Management Console.
•Specific functionality to deploy DF from a single host to all necessary hosts.


Benefits & Results

•Improved performance and transaction support through Akvelon’s DataFarm integration with the existing web portal.

•Higher database availability and scalability.

•A convenient application package that’s easy to install and operate.

•Reduced costs through high customization and top-notch data integrity and reliability.