Case Studies

Case Study: Full-Cycle Product Development Customer Engagement Platform


Private Lender for Professional Real  Estate Developers

Business Need

Our client is the leading lender for professional real estate developers. Following acquisition by an international investment banking firm, the client had a mandate to grow its business by modernizing its customer experience — historically, client interactions had taken place over email with key organizational data tracked in spreadsheets. Some of the client’s customers found that requests for documentation during the loan application process were repetitive and time-intensive, so the client sought a more efficient solution.



Akvelon provided full-cycle product development throughout the project, initiating product planning and design, delivering finished software deployed to production, and facilitating rollout and customer communication strategies. Akvelon Product Managers and UX Designers worked directly with the client to identify user pain points and unmet needs, generated personas, and facilitated customer journey mapping exercises. With requirements captured via user stories in a product backlog, Akvelon engineers delivered an MVP within three months on two-week sprints. The multi-disciplinary Scrum team of PMs, UX designers, and software engineers is now collaborating with the client on follow-on releases defined in the product roadmap.

Benefits and Results

The solution solved longstanding pain points for both the lender’s own customers and their internal users, improving communication and reducing repetitive borrower touch points during the loan application process. 

Client benefits:

  • Improved borrower satisfaction
  • Improved loan application efficiency
  • Increased communication transparency


Technology Used

.Net Core, Angular, Azure, SQL Server (RDBMS), Figma, Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence)


Akvelon Team

  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Scrum Master
  • 1 UX Designer
  • 6 Software Engineers
  • 1 QA Engineer