Case Studies

Case Study: Web Development for Digital Marketing Company


Leading provider of digital marketing & online advertising for the lifestyle vehicles & commercial equipment industry.


Business Need

The client has a specialized online marketplace that assists dealers by effectively presenting their inventory and increasing communication between the dealer and the customer. Dealers are provided with convenient and reliable ways to upload and manage inventory from their specific business process into the marketplace. Dealers also have the option to create their own website so they may advertise their RVs. This platform provides rich search capabilities to customers, allowing their customers to search for products by various means and search criteria.

The client contracted Akvelon to design and implement their RV Rentals marketplace website, help with integrating with rental insurance product, and consolidate and enhance their dealer center and customer service admin tools.

Akvelon’s Engagement

Akvelon designed and developed the RV Rentals marketplace website using React.js + Next.js and GraphQL. They also used a robust page-based SSR solution with isomorphic routing and data fetching complied with SEO and performance requirements with minimal configuration overhead.  JSX syntax, PHP templates, and the absence of Flux/Redux in favor of an MVVM approach allowed for a reduction in learning complexity for the client’s developers. Akvelon’s solution utilized  GraphQL over REST API which served the ability to aggregate data from multiple data sources, decouple server-side, and update client-side development in response to frequently changing requirements.

Akvelon have designed and developed the RV rentals admin tool using Vue.js + + Apollo. These frameworks and libraries are in align with expertise of the client’s existing development team and intended to reduce implementation effort of required functionality.

Business Impact

  • The pilot version of the RV Rentals marketplace created by Akvelon was successfully released
  • Akvelon’s team is continuing development for the full marketplace launch
  • Akvelon’s team is continuing to consolidate and enhance the client’s dealer center, which consists of several Laravel, Zend, and node.js apps and services

Technology Used

React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, Apollo, GraphQL, node.js, express, PHP, Laravel, Composer, Docker, HTML5, LESS, Jenkins, AWS (EC2, AppSync, DynamoDB, S3)