Case Studies

Case Study: Query Classifier Tool


Our client is a business and technology consulting firm.


Business Need

  • Refactor the front-end code of the web application on Angular, fix bugs.
  • users’ web page error handling.
  • Add administrator interface.
  • Configure rights system based on Azure Active Directory;
  • Implement UI search for items in the table using the Elasticsearch component from MS Azure.
  • Set up a secure HTTPS connection using Let’s Encrypt.
  • Refactor the server code on the Node.js, configure the the logging of errors.


  • Updated Angular from version 5 to the latest version 7, refactored the front-end code according to Google’s guidelines, fixed bugs, replaced the self-written code with the use of built-in functions of Angular and open-source libraries (WS, @angular/material, rxjs, adal-angular5, ngx-permissions, fontawesome).
  • Rewritten the UI from the old version of Bootstrap to the latest version of Material Ui, leaving only the grid from Bootstrap.
  • Simplified the interface with the application, instead of navigating to individual pages implemented interactive dialogs.
  • Implemented user error handling and displaying error messages to the user.
  • Designed the administrator interface from zero point according to the general style of the application.
  • Implemented a system of rights based on Azure Active Directory.
  • Implemented UI search for items in the table using the Microsoft Azure Search service, configured the correct displaying of paging.
  • Set up a secure connection via HTTPS using the service Let’s Encrypt.
  • Refactored the server code on the Node.js, set up logging of errors.
  • Rewrote the parsing code of the CSV-file with a set of customer data (about 100 thousand records), implemented the ability to notify the user about the parsing progress using the WebSocket Protocol.


Benefits and Results

  • Our client got a well-structured front-end code, written in accordance with Google guidelines.
  • We reduced the amount of front-end and back-end code. The application’s stability and speed were increased.
  • The client’s app runs on the latest versions of the popular open-source libraries, which simplifies its support.
  • The application has a modern, user-friendly and intuitive design.
  • Our client highly appreciated Akvelon’s expertise and took our developers to its next project.


Technology Used

Angular, Node.js, Material UI, Azure Active Directory, Azure Search, Let’s Encrypt, WebSocket