Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Visual Studio App Center

Business Need

After releasing their Visual Studio App Center, Microsoft needed to migrate its internal analytics and telemetry gathering services into a newer platform in order to increase service performance, stability, and maintainability, and ultimately providing the best possible user experience.


Akvelon helped migrate the analytics and telemetry services from DC/OS to the Service Fabric platform. Our team then automated the deployment by creating additional modules for the existing automation solution. We also developed and maintained a cluster topology, deployed and configured Geneva agent services, responded to all arising issues, and developed an Application Insights Node.JS SDK integration library to adapt Microsoft’s existing analytics solution to the App Center’s unique needs.


Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully helped migrate and maintain Microsoft’s internal analytics and telemetry gathering services.


  • Analytics services were successfully migrated to the Service Fabric clusters
  • A new cluster topology was developed
  • Several automation modules were developed, significantly simplifying Analytics cluster deployment and configuration process
  • Geneva telemetry agents were updated to suit the project’s evolving needs
  • An integration library for Application Insights Node.JS SDK seamlessly integrated it with Geneva agent services


Technology Used

DC/OS, Azure Service Fabric, Azure VM, Geneva, Node.JS, TypeScript, Go, Python, Bash, PowerShell