Case Studies

Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Project

Business Need

Microsoft wanted to create a useful solution for small and medium sized businesses, so they could quickly sign up for the Dynamics Marketing service. It was important to create a lightweight and simple way to use the web application because these businesses do not have the technical ability or requirements of more complex enterprises.



Akvelon helped with the requirements analysis and developed several microservices to integrate the solution with other services. Our team also developed user interface which gives a seamless experience for customers.


Benefits and Results

Akvelon successfully helped with stabilization of requirements, developed services, and provided detailed support.


  • Robust and recoverable microservices integrated with external services to get ready all components to start work with Dynamics Marketing in shortest time
  • SPA with ability to continue the work on any step
  • Simple configuration of each component required to start work with the Marketing solution such as
    • Organization Selector
    • Customer Insights
    • Portals
    • Survey
  • Real time progress of setup process
  • All issues are monitored using telemetry system and problems can be resolved before customer escalation


Technology Used

Azure Service Fabric, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Active Directory, Azure Key Vault, Web API, React, Redux, JavaScript, Jest