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Akvelon Teams with Microsoft to Bring Winning Data to Teams Worldwide

Sports Performance Platform

Every industry is trying to make the best use of the data they have at their fingertips. So it comes as no surprise that the sports industry is collecting data relating to the performance of players and a team as a whole. Everything from heartrate beats-per-minute, to speed and agility and even injury recovery are being tracked to provide teams with insights which affects game-time decision making and strategy in a way never before seen in the history of sports.

The ability to track health data has been out for some time now. We’ve all tracked our steps and heartrates with one health app or another but what can that data actually mean? Professional teams collect a wealth of data about their athletes at an extremely detailed level. We have only just recently been able to gather meaningful insights into what the data actually means and even what it could mean in future practice and game-time situations.

Akvelon has been on the cutting edge of data science and machine learning in the world of sports. We’re continuing to drive engineering and technological advancement within sports by collaborating with Microsoft for their release of Sports Performance Platform, a Microsoft Garage Project announced at Hashtag Sports. Sports Performance Platform will be able to take data collected by professional sports teams and help them use that data to their advantage for game-time decisions and player health.

Coaches and players will now have access to data results, through the use of interactive Microsoft Power BI visuals, to have the edge they need to win games.

Akvelon has experience and expertise in the core parts of the Microsoft stack including Microsoft Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, Microsoft Cognitive Services, analytics and more which gives us specialty in customizing Sports Performance Platform to best meet the needs of teams. We are putting this experience to work and are excited to be working with Cricket Australia, among others, to implement this innovative solution.

Akvelon has a heritage working in sports technology and houses two ex-sport scientists within the company. Our involvement in the sports technology industry thus far has proved the value of data and what the level of insights and analysis can provide professional sports teams.

We look forward to implementing and customizing Sports Performance Platform with sports teams internationally and helping teams use the power of data to win the day.

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