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A Hierarchy Chart Custom Visual for Power BI

Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon

Since we work frequently in Power BI and the Data Visualization space, we often find new opportunities for creating custom visuals. Recently, we saw the need to make a visual to rank any type of tree data structure. The Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon is the result, and it can be downloaded for free at the Microsoft AppSource website.

Features of the Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon

Easy to Create

After downloading the Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon, a completed five column sheet is all that’s needed to create the visualization within Power BI. This sheet should contain a title (most times the name of an individual), the position ID (which shows where the title will rank on the chart), the parent (which specifies the ID an individual reports to in this example), subtitle (which can specify added information such as expertise or skill), and type (which specifies the official seniority level in this example).

Once this table is inserted into the Hierarchy Chart, the data will be displayed as nodes linked together in a tree format.

Tip: Selecting on a specific node will display that node’s unique data in the table

Simple Display Options

After the data is uploaded and the Hierarchy Chart is displayed in full form, users can easily collapse or expand specific nodes to fit presentation needs.

Users can also expand and collapse entire rows by clicking on the “Plus/Minus” icons at the top of the visual.

Custom Formatting Options

  • The Hierarchy Chart has several customizable options:
  • Nodes have the option of being either squares or circles
  • Node pixel height and width can be customized
  • Set the distance between title and subtitle
  • Colors and styles for nodes, fonts, links and the legend are all customizable
  • Warnings can be turned ON and OFF

Tip: Warnings occur when a loop is created in your data and is ON by default

Try the Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon, feel free to rate and review on AppSource, and reach out if you have any feedback!

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