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Visualize Your Data Set in the Power BI Custom Calendar

Akvelon Custom Calendar

The Akvelon Custom Calendar visual for Power BI is a new tool for displaying different types of data, for specific dates, to give you a view of insights and patterns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This makes it a great Power BI custom visual add on for presenting employee work hours, school schedules, sales per day and more. Anything you can display on a daily basis can be visualized with the Custom Calendar.

Using a Data Set

The Custom Calendar can use data from Excel sheets, CSVs, SQL, and more. This data is translated into a traditional calendar visual which displays the data proportional to the data source within each day of the calendar.

Visualizing the data with the Custom Calendar can give users a different perspective of the information in order to gain further insights from an Excel sheet, which may be difficult to visualize with other software.

For example, as shown in the video where work hours are visualized, there are three consecutive days where an employee works overtime, and several days afterward are recorded as sick days. Using this visual, an HR practitioner would be able to recognize this interesting piece of information and investigate if working overtime for consecutive days was the reason sick days were taken by this employee in the days following.

Users can also view the data from a specific day, or set of days, by selecting the days and viewing the raw data from the selection directly below the calendar visual.

Completely Customizable

The Custom Calendar lives up to its name by providing several custom design and formatting options. Text, calendar formatting, legends, label colors, calendar sizes, first date in a week and so much more can all be customized to your liking or to meet your branding requirements.

Calendars also have “Fixed” and “Relative” options. Choosing the “Fixed” option for your calendar visual allows you to set the start date, and how many months are visualized after that initial setting. The “Relative” option has the calendar beginning on the current date and allows users to choose how many months are displayed previous to that date and following that date.

The Custom Calendar is an easy-to-use add-on custom visual great for displaying a wide variety of data related to specific dates.

Add the Custom Calendar to your Power BI custom visuals today!