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Case Study: Power BI Custom Visuals by Akvelon

Business Need

Many companies struggle when it comes to comprehending and utilizing the massive amount of data that they gather daily. That’s why Akvelon decided to create custom Power BI Visuals – to help businesses turn their data into powerful stories through data visualizations. Akvelon has helped to develop over 30 Power BI visuals, and below we have just a peek at some that we have created.


Custom Power BI Visuals Created by Akvelon

KPI Chart by Akvelon
Show your KPI lines with dynamic ranges to assess your progress KPI Chart by Akvelon is a single visualization for illustrating and efficiently analyzing the correlation between two measures and it combines a line chart and a column chart with the same X axis. Column and line charts show representation of the distribution of numerical data.

Additionally, KPI Chart by Akvelon allows to show static and dynamic background KPI regions that can characterize, for example, the level of success before reaching the target. This chart is simplified version of Line and Clustered column chart with the ability to create multiple lines and add horizontal regions to assess progress.

The visual has a wide variety of formatting options. Additionally to standard features of fully customizable text, color, sizes for each visual’s item, KPI Chart by Akvelon also allows to customize the minimum and maximum value for both vertical axes and configure the format of numerical values for them. The format panel also includes fields for adjusting the border and color of the horizontal regions.


Scatter Chart by Akvelon
Use Scatter Chart with rectangle selection support to visualize your data Scatter Chart by Akvelon is a two-dimensional chart visual that allows you to assess your units using multiple measures including X and Y axes coordinates, point size, and saturation.

Rectangle selection is supported, allowing you to select multiple points on the scatter plot within the rectangle area. This feature will help you to filter specific clusters within your data and update your report to show information about those specific data points.

Other useful features are:
• Drill mode to visualize hierarchical data.
• X and Y constant lines. These will help to create quadrant
charts to assess the state of your units or create specific “good” and “bad” zones and see
which points are falling into them.
• Legend that supports selection.
• Ability to change colors of the points. You can set specific colors for each Legend
• Ability to change styling of rectangle selection. You can set the transparency of selected
points and points that aren’t selected and set the color of the selection rectangle,
tailoring those to match the styling of your Power BI report.
• Saving the current state of the selection


Bubble Chart by Akvelon
Visualize your quantitative data easily with Bubble Chart by Akvelon Bubble Chart by Akvelon provides efficient way to visualize your data that has one numeric dimension and one or two categories. This chart is simplified version of Scatter chart with tightly packed bubbles – this way you can show more categories in a given space. Additionally, Bubble chart allows to create groups of bubbles by providing additional second category field bucket.

Additionally to 2 categorical and one numeric field buckets, Bubble chart by Akvelon also provides features to improve visualization aspect of the visual:
• Image field bucket can be used to specify background
image of the bubble. You need to have separate column in your dataset with https links
to images and drop it to this field bucket.
• Hyperlink allows to set hyperlink on the category name – you also need to have column
with https links for that.

There are multiple formatting options to change the look, feel, and behavior of the visual. You can set specific colors of each bubble, change legend settings, apply custom font settings to the category labels of bubbles if you decide to show them. Also, you have control of padding space between bubbles.


Custom Calendar by Akvelon
Customize how you visualize day-to-day data with this easy to use Custom Calendar Akvelon’s Custom Calendar for Power BI is the best way to view and display daily data from any source. Import data from sources such as Excel sheets, CSVs, SQL, and more for a custom view to visualize payroll, attendance, traffic, project hours, ‘and many others that can be reported daily. This tool provides significant insight to daily
activities in a fraction of the time.

Custom Calendar supports one date field and as many measurable columns necessary to your project. The data is then displayed by
colored sections within each calendar day based on a percentage of total data available for that day.

Not only does the Custom Calendar present your data in a clear and simple fashion, it also allows for in depth formatting customization options. Change font styles, calendar colors, and calendar sizes to fit your needs.

Total features of Akvelon’s Custom Calendar for Power BI include:
• Fixed and relative start and end dates
• Multiple number of metrics
• Customizable Formatting
• Cross selection


Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon
Show any type of hierarchal data in a tree format such as organization trees, family trees, and more Hierarchical information can be easily displayed within Power BI with the Hierarchy Chart custom visual from Akvelon. This Power BI add on is perfect for ranking different departments, jobs, and employees who make up an organization. It can also be used to show family history and visualize genealogy information. If your data can be visualized in a tree structure, the Hierarchy Chart can display it in an easy to read format.

Once the data source is imported into the Hierarchy Chart custom visual, each aspect of the display is fully customizable. Users can change the shape of the represented area, fonts, colors, keys, and more.

Each section is also expandable and collapsible allowing users to build out their Hierarchy Chart to its full size, and present only the necessary views depending on the audience. Traditional organizational charts often go out of date thanks to turnover or department
restructuring. The Hierarchy Chart custom visual makes it easy to update the data quickly with new information to help you keep the most current information in your display.

• Fully customizable text, color, sizes
• Expandable sections
• Shape options