Case Studies

Case Study: Application Delivery Network Platform Test Automation


Our client is a company that specializes in application services and application delivery networking

Business Need

The company required the test scenarios automation using the libraries provided with the application delivery network platform. The company provided use case steps scenarios to be automated in the form of a test case suite, as well as bug reports with repro steps and an endpoint list needing new CRUD tests. Upon completion of the test automation, a Test Pass result had to be obtained to verify complete delivery of the test case and inclusion into the future test runs.


  • Akvelon has conducted investigations, tests, bug fixes, filed bugs on Build Verification Tests (BVTx) and legacy SOAP tests.
  • Akvelon has fixed bugs and made  improvements of internal Boltz testing framework and Infrastructure repo.
  • A number of Licensing test cases for the new subscription based licensing scheme for  application delivery network platform have been created for the ITE framework.
  • Akvelon has fully automated the FQDN test suite as well as added a number of new verifies (SMTP, SQL).


Benefits and Results

  • 6 new test cases were automated
  • Numerous fixes for BVTx, SOAP and FQDN test cases
  • A number of BOLTZ framework improvements
  • Periodic test suite runs (BVTx, SOAP, FQDN) with e-mail reports
  • FQDN test suite is now fully dynamic automated and ported to VIO, as well as to Virtual Edition for  application delivery network platform
  • A number of the BOLTZ and FQDN framework features documented
  • A new licensing test suite has been created for ITE.


Technology Used

Linux, SSH/SSL, TCP/IP/REST/SOAP, BASH, Python, VMWare/ESX/VIO, Ansible/Docker, Jenkins, CI.