Case Studies

Case Study: Solution for Component Authoring Company


The leading component authoring solutions provider, which is used by medical, pharmaceutical and other biggest international software/hardware companies.

Business Need

Our client needed the deep integration with third-party cloud Document Management System services. Another goal was the documents’ import from different XML-like formats.   They contacted Akvelon for work with the Windows app version as well as cloud service/site.


  • Deep integration both the Windows app and the cloud service/site with VeevaVault service, including linking documents within the external system, providing synchronization of the custom metadata set of the document with its custom processing using scripts during synchronization with DMS, generation of different views of the document (MS Word / HTML 5 / etc) by the editor and publication in VeevaVault, various custom logic when synchronizing documents.
  • Implementation of flexible / customizable content importers and 3 different formats (one of which is DITA) based on XML / XSLT.
  • Organizing a content translating cycle through third-party tools that use XLIFF format


Benefits and Results

  • Akvelon made deep integration of client’s Windows app and cloud service/site, what made the service using more handy and secure.
  • Implementation of content importers significantly increased the speed of data transfer.
  • Content translating cycle speeded up the content adaptation for different counties at many times.


Technology Used

AWS, TypeScript, Node.js, NoSQL, C#, WPF, Windows Forms, XML/XSLT