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TechSpot’s Top 10 Hidden Windows 10 Features

TechSpot recently posted an article outlining 10 hidden Windows 10 features that you may not know about. Below are a few features highlighted in the article that we at Akvelon found especially useful:

Storage Sense

“Storage Sense is one of the great features Microsoft has brought to Windows 10 from mobile platforms. The feature analyses the files on your hard drive, tells you how much space is occupied by different types of content, and suggests ways you can locate and clean up these files. For systems with more than one drive, Storage Sense gives you a detailed storage breakdown for each drive, including any external drives attached through USB. Popping in to check Storage Sense every once in a while is a great way to keep track of and manage the files on your drive. It provides an easy way to clean up temporary files, tells you how much storage space is occupied by each app and game installed on your system, and even tells you how large your hibernation file and system restores are.”

Storage for real

New trackpad gestures

“Mac OS X has historically had better trackpad support than Windows, but with 10 there is a concerted effort to improve the experience for laptop users. The result? Better support for trackpads, including some new and useful gestures that harness the new functionality of the OS. Windows 10 universally supports trackpad gestures you’ve probably tried to use before: pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scrolling, and two-finger tap to right click. But some of the best new gestures are designed for power users and multi-tasking. Three-finger swiping upwards reveals the Task View, allowing you to easily switch apps or create new desktops. Three-finger swiping to the left or right activates Alt+Tab, while three-finger swiping downwards shows the desktop. Microsoft has also baked in two other trackpad shortcuts that might come in handy: three-finger tapping opens Cortana; and four-finger tapping opens the Action Center, thus revealing your notifications. With all of these gestures at your arsenal, multi-tasking on a laptop suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.”


New window snapping functionality

“One of the most useful features introduced on Windows 7 was the ability to snap windows to certain areas of your screen. In Windows 10, a new collection of snapping features have been introduced that are great for those with large displays, wide displays or multiple displays. Along with the ability to snap to one half of the screen, Windows 10 can snap windows to one corner, allowing you to easily position four app windows on a single display. If you have a large 4K monitor, this feature is especially handy. On top of this, Windows 10 extends multi-monitor support by allowing you to snap to the sides or corners of any monitor, even if the side or corner of a monitor borders another. Plus, snapping a window now brings up Snap Assist, which suggests other running programs to fill the remaining quadrants of your displays in a click.”snap

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