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Two New Customizable and Efficient Releases from Microsoft

Customization and efficiency have always been important to businesses. To some it may seem obvious, but in reality, these two software features are frequently overlooked.

Akvelon is proud to have worked on two new releases from Microsoft which were made available last week. The first, Azure Analysis Services Web Designer, efficiently brings the capabilities of AAS right to your web browser. The second, the Power KPI add-on for Power BI, which contains some truly powerful customization capabilities.

Azure Analysis Services Web Designer

At the Microsoft Data Insights Summit in June of this year, Josh Caplan of Microsoft announced the Azure Analysis Services Web Designer with a demo of its features.

Released last week, this new product provides enhancements to the Azure Analysis Services experience by allowing users to easily update their production models on a daily basis with the most relevant information to everyone on an account, all through a web browser. Users can also tune existing models through a web browser and still incorporate Power BI, Excel, and Visual Studio within the models.

Model creation, model editing and queries are the three major capabilities featured in this first release. SQL Server Data Tools and SQL Server Management Studio are still main tools for development, but the AAS Web Designer is great for using existing SQL data for simple changes, starting new models, or adding new measures to a development or production model.

This has already proved to be an efficient tool and more functionality will be released each month, make sure to watch for more soon.

Powerful Customization with Power KPI

The power KPI add-on to Power BI was also recently released, it brings a new level of customization to KPI indicators. Power KPI allows for visualizing key performance indicators while allowing users to customize everything from the titles, data points, hover-over tooltips, colors, font sizes, labels and more. Charts also auto-scale when resizing.

Developers from Akvelon did an incredible job working with Microsoft to create this beautiful presentation tool.

Power KPI is a great way to present KPIs that look great, plain and simple. Watch the video below to see for yourself.