Case Studies

Case Study: Spry Learning Activity Management Portal


Spry Learning Company develops computer-based learning programs for seniors living in residence centers. The intention is to provide structured activities that enrich daily life, promoting and facilitating life-long learning. Since research has shown that activity and learning can stave off isolation and several illnesses that afflict the elderly, the company successfully markets its services.


Business Need

The primary business need for Spry Learning was to develop and maintain an online Spry Adept project for senior housing providers while simplifying the tasks of the community activity director.

To meet the client’s needs, Akvelon offered an Activity Management Portal to multiple senior centers.


The main concern was to design software that would be user-friendly. Akvelon managed to design a complex system with easy-to-use features.

We designed and developed the solution based on four major software components:

  • Newsletter Product – The Newsletter Product creates newsletters based on templates or from scratch. A newsletter can be designed using database templates and selecting articles for different pages. This system makes it possible to work with articles and photos from the library, or from a shared location. The newsletter builder automatically pulls data from the Activity Product or Marketing Product to create content. Then, the newsletters can be sent to a publisher in just one click.
  • Activity Product – The Activity Product is designed to keep track of residents’ needs and preferences, while providing updates to their families. This component manages the activities library, creating and publishing calendars of activities. It will track the residents’ participation in activities and run reports. This component has a custom interface to meet different requirements for both beginner and experienced users.
  • Marketing Product – The Marketing Product keeps track of community lead activities and needs. It assists in managing lead sources and associated costs, while creating and publishing marketing activity calendars.
  • Admin Product – Admin Product is developed to supervise and, if necessary, take control of all activities in the system.


Benefits and Results

  • Improved performance through rich functionality, convenient navigation, advanced search options, automatic document creation, and template library.
  • Increased user satisfaction with clear and intuitive applications, useful help, and tutorial features.
  • Improved productivity for activity directors: enhanced care and entertainment for residents through system flexibility and advanced features.