Case Studies

Case Study: Akvelon Projects with Microsoft AZURE

Business Need

Over the years, Akvelon has utilized Microsoft Azure in several of their solutions for their clients. Below are just a few examples our Akvelon’s experience in working with Microsoft Azure and other technologies including MS OpenTech, AWS Experience, and more.

Windows Azure Experience

PHP Porting to Linux for the SQL Azure Team
Managed an end-to-end project for porting Microsoft SQL PHP driver to Linux platform, including adding x64 support. PHP driver supports both SQL Server deployments and SQL Azure.

Azure Solution Accelerators
Developed a solution that allows PHP applications using the MySql database to be easily hosted, configured, and run in the Windows Azure platform.

Azure and Amazon AWS
Comparison research produced a complete feature comparison between Amazon AWS and Azure, including analyzing feature offerings and
the process of preparing for the cloud platforms.

MSFT Azure Trials (Azure CRM)
Built and managed an end-to-end solution for Azure trials (Azure hosted CRM), enabling users to download and drive relevant data and analytics via the Azure platform.

Cloud & Big Data
Complete cloud-based content management solution for T-Mobile Android devices. Deploy, age-out and manage various types of user content devices. Enable data collection and end-to-end interactivity.

Seattle Intelligent Parking by Windows Azure
Real time parking data feeds, parking availability predictions, pricing management, supplier control panel, interactive map view.

Windows Azure & AWS Experience

MSFT Azure Engineering and Marketing Compete Technical Study: Windows Azure AppFabric Caching vs. Amazon ElastiCache
Assessed the capabilities of the launched public beta of Amazon ElastiCache, a new web service that adds caching logic to applications. It enables users to operate and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud, thus competing with Microsoft’s Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service.

Amazon Load Testing Tool (Cloud Computing)
Developed a cloud computing solution to provide testing facilities through Akvelon’s Amazon LTT. The system is designed to generate concurrent load, collect responses, produce statistical reports, and send e-mail notifications.

AD & AWS Integration
Developed an AWS/AD connector to allow enterprises utilizing Microsoft AD to apply AD Management policies and user roles to their AWS accounts access. It hides the access to AWS behind AD Identity and mitigates the risks streaming from a single AWS user ID.


Cloud Interoperability & Windows Azure

Azure Mobile Services Android SDK
The Android SDK connects Android phone or tablet (Android) to a cloud back-end and delivers push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging. Allows to authenticate users via their Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft credentials. Allows to easily store structured data in the cloud that can span both devices and users, integrated with user authentication while providing ability to send updates to clients via push notifications. Akvelon extended the service to support Android OS (along with Windows Store, WP and iOS).

Azure Mesa 3D Support
Mesa is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification – a system for rendering interactive 3D graphics. Request to OpenTech was made to support Mesa3D implementation on Azure. The team is currently responsible for investigating the possibility of Mesa3D usage on Azure. Creatingvarious test tools and attempting to run on the Azure service.


App Gateway for iOS and Android
This enterprise browser provides access to corporate intranet resources via Proxy Agent and Microsoft Azure Cloud. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms on the client side using Java and Objective C, respectively. The project is a 3-tier application that constitutes of client-agent-cloud tiers. The user connects to Azure Cloud via Client and requests the list of Agents available and accessible for that user. Client then connects to one of the available Agents and acquires access to internal corporate resources using it as a proxy. Overall, this simple service grants users quick and secure access to data, sites, and files that may otherwise be inaccessible.


Linux and Cloud Setup and Benchmarking
Ubuntu and Fedora Linux for Web Servers. Benchmarks of SPDY and S+M protocols. Linux, dummyNet, Azure VM, Apache, mod_spdy, mod_ssl, Node.js, Perl, Bash scripts.

Windows Azure SDK for Node.js
Node.js developers can now use Windows Azure to take advantage of Azure services and features. The SDK includes the Node runtime, IISNode, NPM for Windows, Azure emulators, authoring components, and Powershell cmdlets to configure and deploy Node.js applications on Azure.