Case Studies

Case Study: Lakeside Technologies


Lakeside Technologies is a company that provides consulting services for clients in commercial, physical, and biological research. They specialize in the development of advanced, high-performance software applications and integrated system solutions. The company delivers measurable cost-saving results to their clients through a long-term partnership service model and predictable process.


Business Need

Lakeside Technologies needed to develop a content delivery platform that would cater to their new system. To meet this need, we created Akvelon’s Content Delivery Platform (CDP) . This solution was designed to offer a complete data management platform that will answer all user content needs.


We developed a comprehensive suite of software applications that will allow our client to deliver content with consistent presentation and navigation.

With our CDP, the client’s learning system has amplified performance features such as:

• Web services for client access to various functions and services.
• New display options to view business and data components separately. This includes different screens or different machines within a given web service, including the following layers:
– Presentation Layer for making calls to the Routing Web Service to send and retrieve XML-based messages
– Data Layer for placing and retrieving data, while having specific storing procedures for inserting, deleting, and updating data
– Business Layer for communication between business objects and Data Layer
• Routing Web Service to access specific business and data objects. This service is also available to client applications.
• Web Applications for remote requests and interactions with the Routing Web Service

Benefits & Results

•Increased productivity as content is delivered in a consistent and reliable manner through easy-to-use software.

•Improved performance with the ability to find and return specific content blocks while using the platform’s advanced menu management capabilities.