Case Studies

Case Study: Intel IoT Consulting


Intel is one of the world’s largest and highest valued hardware companies in the market. Intel has recently been closely working with the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing new hardware to advance their technologies. Intel connects data from billions of device, sensors and database across multiple industries.

Business need

Intel was in need of an agile team to spin off multiple complex proof of concepts for the Internet of Things, APIs and SDKs. The agile team of engineers required a high level of experience and competency. These teams needed to excel in modern technologies across the Java stack.

Intel required their teams to deliver high quality work both with onshore and off shore teams. Their timeline enforced a very short frame with minimal ramp up time.

Akvelon was chosen as the sole contractor for this project, mainly due Akvelon’s ability to accommodate their aggressive timeline. Additionally, Akvelon proactively proposed several viable solutions at the stage of initial discussion.


Akvelon was able to create a multi-functional engineering team to establish a new development methodology. Akvelon built an operating model to ramp up their project, lower costs by achieving utilization of engineering resources, and to become more agile. Akvelon helped Intel design and build a hybrid engineering organization to help build a proof of concept in a short amount of time.

Akvelon has helped them create both the Front and Back End code for their San Jose Green Vision Initiative, a partnership of the Smart America Challenge. On the Front End, Akvelon built Intel a visualization dashboard utilizing Intel’s new Galileo board. The Galileo Board required a bit of Back End development, which Akvelon helped code and design, in order to deploy and apply it to the new visualization dashboard.

Benefits & Results

Akvelon created an agile team and solution that fully satisfied the client needs – it allowed for immediate use and accessibility. The proof of concepts Akvelon designed went to senior management and conferences to gain traction with potential customers. This increased lead generation and sales revenue.

Additionally, Intel received recognition for solve critical problems and advance the future of the Internet of Things. Since their San Jose’s Green Vision initiative that Akvelon heavily contributed to, Intel has fostered 25,000 Clean Tech jobs, enhanced the quality of life for San Jose, and they are continually driving economic growth and supporting environmental stability.