Case Studies

Case Study: Christian Aid Finance Management System


The client, Ascentium Capital, is a finance consulting company that offers diversified finance solutions through their finance platform. 

Christian Aid, is the official relief and development agency of 41 Protestant and Orthodox churches in the UK and Ireland.

Business need

Fundraising and financial operations in modern day large charity organizations are highly complex activities and involve a number of participants, rules, and regulations. That is why Christian Aid hired Ascentium Capital as a consultant to help them streamline their streamlining their financial operations. Ascentium partnered with Akvelon to assist them with the technological side of the project. They also needed Akvelon to help them drive efficiency and accountability through the complete process.  


Akvelon’s Engagement

Akvelon successfully migrated Christian Aid’s CRM processes over to Dynamics CRM. The Dynamics CRM based system allows Christian Aid to comprehensively and collaboratively manage multiple data-entry points to a centralized data repository.  The relational nature of the system allows for data entered by one of their teams to be used by another further through the lifecycle. Since data is used and maintained by all system users, the work performed by one person is never duplicated at a later time, improving efficiency and eliminating the risk of inaccuracies due to multiple master data records.  The master data source is common to all teams, and authorized team members and access structure allows authorized team members to control all aspects of the data. 

Benefits and Results

Partnering with Akvelon resulted in:

  • Rapid deployment of a delivery team for Christian Aid’s project
  • Reduced development costs by up to 60% due to the utilization of Akvelon’s Ukrainian delivery system
  • Christian Aid’s financial operations were streamlined through the movement to Dynamics CRM

Products and Technologies used

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (C#), MS SQL 2008, Team Foundation Server 2008, Windows XML Installer 3.5